Turntable JBL SPINNER BT Gold

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Turntable JBL SPINNER BT Gold

Finally, JBL started producing vinyl players. JBL's corporate quality and design are already embedded in the initial model.

Bright design
Your personal expression of the warmth and joy that vinyl brings to your life and a closer relationship with your favorite artists.

High-quality components
Listen to record quality without destroying them. The high-quality aluminum tonearm guarantees excellent reproduction of the record track without wearing it out. The wooden stand guarantees excellent sound compared to plastic alternatives, while being more resistant to aging.

Detachable main body
The end of the tonearm, where the head is installed, is called the main body. It can be easily removed, making it easy to replace and upgrade the head.

Aluminum disc and belt drive
The aluminum disc is driven by a belt drive and a motor with an optical sensor underneath to guarantee perfect playback of your records at 33.3 rpm for albums or 45 rpm for mini-albums and singles.

A high-quality moving magnet head is already installed
Use the JBL Spinner BT right out of the box with the high quality moving magnet head already installed and tuned.

Phono corrector
The player is equipped with a pre-amplifier (phono corrector), which restores the output spectrum of the sound signal recorded on the disc and amplifies the output voltage of the pickup head. If you need to use the line output, this is easy to do by turning the phono switch on the rear panel to the Off position.

Bluetooth with AptX HD™
Quickly connects to your Bluetooth speakers or headphones for instant access to your record collection. Thanks to AptX-HD encoding, there is no audio compromise.

Complete set:
-Vinyl disc player
-Drive belt
-Aluminum platform
-Felt mat
-Head and cartridge
-Adapter for 45 rpm singles
-Power Supply
-Dust cover and 2 hinges
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