Transacoustic guitar Lava Me 3 36 Blue

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Transacoustic guitar Lava Me 3 36 Blue

Intuitive. Creative. Powerful This world's first smart guitar is designed to be the ultimate companion on your musical journey. Years of development and selection of materials have been invested in the creation of Lava Me 3.

Lava Me 3 will change the way you think about creating music. A 3.5-inch touch screen integrated into the guitar provides access to all the necessary functions.

FreeBoost 2.0 technology immerses you in the world of high-quality sound effects that work without the use of an external amplifier or effects pedals. The variety is impressive: reverb, delay, reverse delay, chorus, tremolo, phaser, flanger, ring mod, octave, stutter, wah, slow gear, pitch shift, shaper filter, distortion - the set of available effects is constantly expanding with the release of firmware updates. Each effect can be flexibly adjusted to your needs and preferences.

Operating system HILAVA OS
Supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cloud sync. You'll always get the latest updates and control your guitar settings from your smartphone.

Embedded applications
Lava Me 3 is perfect for learning. Built-in applications will help you practice the game and track your progress. Metronome, tuner, recording function - vital functions for every guitarist - now built into the guitar!

The Loops application allows you to create your own multi-layered compositions and combine them with drum grooves from an existing library.

It's a vibrant online music community designed to interact with musicians from around the world! Share Lava Me 3 guitar compositions with friends, practice, create, inspire and be inspired.

Improved design
Thanks to the new porous structure of the brass system, AirSonic 2 carbon fiber and 4-MASS technology, the Lava Me 3 sound is 20% deeper in the bass and has 30% longer sustain than the previous generation Lava instruments. Revolutionary 4-MASS technology provides harmonic resonance, full and balanced sound.

Also, the body of the guitar is now 30% stronger. The perfect carbon neck is made using Plek's advanced ultra-precision technology.

The guitar comes with a stylish Space Bag.

-Type: electro-acoustic guitar with built-in effects;
-Size: 36”;
-Electronics: L3, Freeboost 2.0;
-Operating system: HILAVA;
-RAM: 4 GB;
-Hard disk (ROM): 32 GB;
-Display: touch, 3.5”;
-Body material: Super AirSonic AirSonic and AirSonic 2 carbon composites;
-Material of lower and upper thresholds: PPS;
-Bridge and lining material: HPL;
-Pegs material: matte aluminum alloy;
-Neck material: AirSonic 2 carbon composite;
-Neck profile: Flyneck, C (1-12 frets), U (12+ frets);
-Fret material: copper-nickel alloy;
-Number of frets: 18;
-Charging connector: USB Type C (5V 3A) + contact charging (via Space Charging Dock, not included);
-Battery: Lithium (8000mAh 3.8V);
-Coating: matte;
-Permissible temperature range: from -25°C to +90°C;
-Range of permissible humidity: from 10% to 90%;
-Weight: 2.1 kg;
-Strings: Elixir Nanoweb .012-.053;
-Additional: Wi-Fi 2.4 / 5 GHz, Bluetooth 4.2;
-In the set: Space Bag cover, USB A - USB C cable, tissue for care, a set of Ideal Pick mediators;
-Country of manufacture: China.

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