Synthesizer CASIO CT-X5000

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Synthesizer CASIO CT-X5000

CASIO CT-X5000 is the top creative synthesizer in the CT-X series. The instrument is equipped with 800 high-quality sounds, updated accompaniment styles, DSP processor, 17-track sequencer, and many other features that allow the model to be called a keyboard arranger.

Unlike the CT-X3000, the CT-X5000 has a much more powerful 30-watt speaker system, a microphone input, an additional line-out and a more user-friendly interface.

Unsurpassed sound
CASIO has always strived for authentic sounding instruments in its synthesizers. Especially for the CT-X series, the AiX tone generator was developed to achieve the most realistic and expressive sound. Moreover, it is not so much about the timbre as such, but about how it behaves in the process of playing and how it changes its character depending on the nature of the performance of the piece.

Incredible Power
A 30-watt amplifier and a new bass-reflex speaker design ensure the incredible performance of the CASIO CT-X5000 speaker system. Even when playing pianissimo, the sound will remain deep and voluminous

Large selection of built-in effects
In addition to perfectly crafted tones, over 100 DSP effects are available on the CT-X5000. Ranging from reverbs to all sorts of vintage effects.

New Rhythms
The CASIO CT-X5000 has 235 built-in rhythms. But it is not even the quantity that is important, but the fact that they are of a completely different nature. The list of standard styles was supplemented by special ones, ideal for playing modern electronic music.

A separate line should be said about the presence of a phrase sequencer. Record your patterns, store them, and then use them anytime!

17 track MIDI sequencer
Record, store and edit if needed! You can write both in real time and using a step sequencer. CASIO CT-X5000 is capable of storing up to 10 compositions with a conditional limit of 40,000 events per arrangement.

Additionally, there are two USB inputs: one for a flash drive, the second for direct connection to a PC. So there is enough space for sure!

42 channel mixer
The highly customizable 42-channel mixer allows you to perfectly balance your musical productions.

Flexible expansion options
The CASIO CT-X5000 is capable of storing user data directly into the instrument's memory. To do this, special cells are provided for storing timbres, styles, and other information.

Connecting external devices
The CT-X5000 has a wide selection of connectors. In addition to USB to Host and USB to Device, on the rear panel of the instrument you will find an input for a pedal and a volume pedal, a microphone and line (Aux In) input, a headphone output, and an additional line output. Well, of course, the input for the adapter.

Original appearance
The CASIO CT-X5000 synthesizer looks as aggressive and bright as possible. The sharp corners of the body and catchy red elements emphasize and complement the sound. The tool control panel is divided into sections. The layout of each section is thought out to the smallest detail, which allows you to focus on the game.

- AIX sound processor
- 800 high quality sounds
- powerful 30-watt speaker system
- 235 new reworked rhythms
- phrase sequencer
- 17-track MIDI sequencer
- 42-channel mixer
- ability to store user data
- USB-to-Device and USB-to-Host

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