Synthesizer CASIO CT-X3000

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Synthesizer CASIO CT-X3000

Casio CT-X3000 is a semi-professional synthesizer of the CT-X series of creative instruments. The model is equipped with 800 high-quality voices based on the AiX processor, 235 redesigned accompaniment styles, an independent effects unit, a 17-track MIDI sequencer, a phrase recorder and many other functions that allow you to easily take the instrument to arranger stations.

Great sound
Casio's desire to create the most realistic timbres led the company to use the AiX (Acoustic Intelligent Xpression) tone generator. This allows not only to obtain the most realistic timbres of different instruments, but also to make their behavior as expressive as possible, depending on the style of the performer's playing and the characteristic features of the sound of acoustic analogues.

Wide range of digital effects
The architecture of the AiX processor implies interaction with independent effect units. In addition to reverb and chorus, the CT-X3000 features 100 DSP effects, including a variety of amps, delays, vintage pedal effects, and more.

New Rhythms
The CT-X series brings a whole new dimension to the built-in accompaniment rhythms. After the upgrade, in addition to the already existing rhythms like classical, rock or pop music, a whole layer of accompaniments for electronic music was added.

Using the phrase sequencer, you can create your own rhythm patterns and apply them as you play.

Registration memory
Registration memory allows you to keep all the necessary settings at your fingertips. Simply select the desired Voice, Style, Effects, EQ Type, and other settings and save them to one of 128 locations. And then, at the right time, recall from memory by pressing one button.

MIDI sequencer
The CASIO CT-X3000 can record 10 songs on 17 tracks each. You can record both in real time and step by step. The function of editing an already existing record is extremely useful.

Flexible editing
The instrument has a large user data storage area. Whether it's Voices, Styles or Finished Works.

- AiX sound processor
- 800 high-pitched timbres
- 235 new revamped styles
- phrase sequencer
- 17-track MIDI sequencer
- the possibility of saving data of a koristuvach
- USB-to-Device and USB-to-Host

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