Sopilka Melnitse-Podilsky Student 100 tenor in C, maple

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Sopilka Melnitse-Podilsky Student 100 tenor in C, maple

The HTH tenor nozzle is a great choice for school band practice. The instrument has a voluminous, enveloping timbre of a low register, which allows the use of this flute as an alternative version of the bass in children's ensembles.

Carefully processed wood according to a special Melnitsa-Podilsky tachnology and an optimal price / quality ratio make the sopilka attractive for beginners and school students. The sounds of the upper octave have a heavy call character and sound dramatic, rich and loud.

The collapsible body of the tool makes it possible to lower the system within ¼ ton. The production technology of blanks provides for their boiling in a special mixture of oil and paraffin to prevent cracking, and the coating of the case with natural varnish minimizes environmental impact.

Traditions in a modern format

Full-cycle production is one of the main advantages of sawmills: selected wood is obtained (unprocessed), and all subsequent stages of production are carried out exclusively under the supervision of professionals. For blanks, a whole tree of beech, hornbeam, pear, maple, cherry is used, providing warm and deep sound shades. All wood goes through the "Mill-Podolsky" processing technology and dries for at least 5 years. The peculiarity of Melnitsa-Podilsky processing is a special technology of wood pulping in a special natural solution, the secret of which is passed down from generation to generation in a close circle of Frankish craftsmen. The pischik has an additional coating to protect it from moisture, because it is this element of the nozzle that is most vulnerable to swelling. The chromatic flute is meticulously sanded and covered with an ultra-thin layer of ecological varnish based on the resins of coniferous trees, which ensures excellent resonance.

In 2019, a new page in history was opened and our own production of folk musical instruments began. Today, the company is reviving the production of flutes, banduras and other folk instruments, combining the traditions and secrets of the production of the Melnitsa-Podolsky factory and modern technologies with innovative solutions.

-Type: Chromatic Longitudinal Flute
- Magnitude: tenor in C
- Tuning: 442 Hz
- Model: Historical-80
-material: maple
-Case: collapsible
-Category: for beginners

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