Portable acoustic system JBL WIND 3S

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Portable acoustic system JBL WIND 3S

The JBL Wind 3S is a rugged portable Bluetooth travel speaker. She is ready for a hike in nature, and for a bicycle ride on the streets, and for any other adventures, wherever they lead you.

The JBL Wind 3S is a portable Bluetooth bicycle speaker. The speaker will give you sound wherever you place it: whether it's attached to a backpack strap, or hung from something by a clip, or even mounted on the handlebars of your bike.

Special bracket for mounting the column on the steering wheel

The bracket included in the delivery set ensures simple and quick mounting and disconnection of the speaker. This bracket is designed specifically for bicycle and motorcycle handlebars.

Bluetooth audio streaming

Stream music from your phone, tablet or any other Bluetooth device to the speaker without any wires.

Two equalizer modes

The "Sport" mode is intended for outdoor use of the speaker, and the "Bass" mode is for indoor use.

Dust and water protection IP67

Gives you the privilege of taking this speaker with you wherever you go.

Main features

• Special bracket for mounting the speaker on the steering wheel

• Bluetooth audio streaming

• Two equalizer modes

• IP67 dust and water protection

  • 2,699 грн.

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