Electronic drum kit Medeli DD610S

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Electronic drum kit Medeli DD610S

The comfortable and compact Medeli DD610S electronic drum set has everything you need for productive classes and bright performances. It is equipped with 3 toms, a two-zone snare drum, 2 cymbals, a hi-hat with pedal and a bass drum pad.

Medeli DD610S has 226 built-in timbres and 20 variations of well-known drum kits and 5 more can be created by the user. With such variability, you will easily choose the sound that will correspond to the creative tasks set before you. And 60 songs that are available right out of the box will give you the opportunity to sharpen your skills and maintain your form.

The heart of the installation is a sound module from the older model DD501, which takes sound quality to a new level. Like the DD501, these drums have the ability to connect to a computer thanks to USB. That way, you can use any plugins available to you.

-Type - electronic drum set
-Configuration - 3 volumes, two-zone snare drum, 2 cymbals, hi-hat with pedal, bass drum pad
-Polyphony - 64
-Timbre - 108
-Connectors - USB port, MIDI output, L/Mono output, R output, Aux input, headphone output, trigger connector
-Aluminum frame
-Weight - 14 kg
-Dimensions - 89x78x24 cm.

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