Electronic drum kit ALESIS NITRO MAX KIT

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Electronic drum kit ALESIS NITRO MAX KIT

Premium feel of mesh pads, unsurpassed natural sensations

The Alesis Nitro Max is an electronic drum kit with highly sensitive mesh pads. Alesis mesh pads pave the way for a natural, responsive performance that delivers accurate play while maintaining a quiet environment suitable for home use. The set includes a 10-inch two-zone snare drum for dynamic playing, three 8-inch toms, three 10-inch cymbals, a bass drum pad, bass drum and hi-hat pedals, as well as the necessary cables, a sturdy frame, sticks and drum key

Nitro Max includes a stunning collection of realistic drum and percussion sounds. The drum module contains an impressive 32 premium drum kits from BFD, the leading drum sample library for Mac or PC. The Nitro Max module includes both classic and modern drum kit presets to create a versatile sound palette suitable for any musical style and genre. Plus, Nitro Max is ready to expand as your drumming needs evolve with the Nitro Max Expansion Pack (sold separately).

Alesis Nitro Max Kit

Serious sound source

The Nitro Max drum module is at the heart of not only realistic drum and percussion sounds, but also advanced technologies that provide the tools needed for modern drumming and performance. Featuring over 400 premium sounds from the BFD drum library, the Nitro Max module lets you access dozens of high-quality instruments at the touch of a button. Users can create and save up to 16 custom presets.

Connect your tracks or favorite recordings with Bluetooth integration, which allows you to stream audio from any Bluetooth-enabled device and tablet. The Nitro Max even features a sleek device holder designed to accommodate most phones and tablets in landscape orientation, perfect for watching lessons or training videos during class.

Alesis Nitro Max Kit

Perfect practice, perfect performance

The Nitro Max module also has practice assistant features to help drummers progress in their playing journey. Nitro Max offers 60 playable tracks to let drummers get started and lay down some serious beats. When it's time to start basic practice and training, the Nitro Max features a metronome, sequencer and recorder to help drummers practice complex patterns and combinations.

Alesis Nitro Max Kit

Discover drumming with Drumeo

Immerse yourself in a 90-day subscription to Drumeo, the world's leading drumming community. Drumeo provides a large collection of courses, artist materials and more to help drummers achieve their goals. Drumeo offers content for drummers of all levels, where they can learn and expand their skills from the best drummers and session musicians.


Learn with Melodics

Enjoy 60 free lessons and a 30-day trial of premium Melodics to help users learn how to play drums and gain confidence. With its friendly and interactive interface, Melodics turns practice into fun by visualizing progress, helping users track growth and development while playing music from the world's most popular artists.


BFD Player

Discover a new world of drumming with BFD Player. Connect the Nitro Max drum kit to your Windows or Mac computer and turn your drums into a premium MIDI controller. BFD Player is an intuitive standalone software for exploring BFD's ever-expanding drum sample library. Your copy of BFD Player includes a premium sound pack with an easy-to-use interface that delivers incredibly realistic and exceptional drum sounds.

BFD Player
Main features:
  • Premium mesh drum pads for quiet yet natural response
  • Large 10-inch two-zone snare drum for maximum playing comfort
  • Three 8-inch single-zone mesh tom pads
  • Bass drum pad with pedal included
  • 10" crash cymbal with mute effect, 10" ride cymbal and 10" hi-hat with foot controller
  • Aluminum frame with 4 supports for maximum stability
  • The kit includes connection cables, drum sticks, a drum key and a power supply
  • Expansion Pack: Extra Volume + Plate Nitro Max Exp Pack (purchased separately)
  • Professionally recorded sounds from the BFD drum library
  • Bluetooth audio streaming for wireless music playback
  • Built-in device holder for easy access to music and drumming lessons
  • 32 ready-to-play BFD, classic and modern sets + 16 custom sets
  • 440 sounds of drums, cymbals and percussion
  • 60 built-in tracks, sequencer, metronome and performance recorder
  • USB/MIDI connection for virtual instruments and recording software
  • 1/8" stereo AUX input, 1/4" stereo line outputs and 1/8" headphone output
  • 90-day free Drumeo subscription
  • 30-day free subscription to Melodics Premium and 60 exclusive lessons
  • BFD Player is a free virtual drum instrument with expansion pack

440 drum and percussion sounds, 32 drum kits + 16 custom
60 tracks for learning
Reverb, 3-band EQ
30–280 BPM
30.78 x 53.34 x 91.94 sm
14.5 kg
Complete set
Kit with pads and frame, bass drum pedal, hi-hat controller, mains adapter, drum sticks, drum key
12 months
  • 22,499 грн.

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