Electric guitar FGN JIL73-ASH-DER Iliad Dark Evolution Series (Open Pore Black)

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Electric guitar FGN JIL73-ASH-DER Iliad Dark Evolution Series (Open Pore Black)

Iliad Dark Evolution Series 7-string electric guitar
Ash body

Ash enjoys the well-deserved fame of a very musical tree - dense bottoms and sharp tops, aggressive elastic sound.

Lock pegs Gotoh Magnum Lock

Japanese Gotoh fittings have been used in the manufacture of high-class tools for many years, having proven themselves to be of high quality and functionality.

Circle Fretting System (CFS)

For better intonation and increased sustain, carefully polished and slightly bent frets are installed on the fretboard, which ensure a truly harmonious sound of each note.
(the frets used are standard, so if you need service, you can easily replace them)

Although the radial fret system is not yet as widespread as the traditional one, as a result of extensive research, we found that CFS definitely has a positive effect on the comfort and sound of stringed instruments, so this effect will satisfy even the most demanding musicians.

The opinion of musicians

Even in the process of developing our revolutionary concept, we received a lot of positive feedback from professional musicians playing in different styles.

The most frequently repeated feedback is that the guitar sounds noticeably cleaner, and the sound of each note becomes more legible, which contributes to achieving a richer and more balanced sound both when performing solos and when playing chords. What's more, even when using multiple effects pedals such as overdrive, reverb or chorus, the intelligibility of each note is preserved!

Some musicians also noted that due to the absence of the need to search for the correct position with the fingers on the fretboard, compensating for the intonation inaccuracies of the traditional fret system, the hand is much less strained when playing.

J-Standard Smooth Fret Edge
J-Standard Smooth Fret Edge

The true Japanese meticulousness of FGN's guitar craftsmen ensures that the frets on each J-Standard Series instrument are perfectly fitted and meticulously polished to ensure playability and flawless appearance.

Fishman Fluence 3-Voice Modern Humbucker active pickups

New-fashioned active pickups in combination with a ceramic bridge, as well as an Alnico magnet pickup, have two types of sound, powerful and aggressive, soft vintage and single. Switching the nature of the sound is implemented on the push-pull switches of the tone and volume controls.

Construction type
Neck on bolts
Neck profile
Shifted points-markers of the frets
White on the body
FGN FB-705
Fishman Fluence Modern Humbucker Alnico (Neck) + Fishman Fluence Modern Humbucker Ceramic (Bridge)
24F Jumbo (C.F.S)
Lock GOTOH® SG381-07 MG-T
1 volume, 1 tone (push-pull), 3-position switch
Open Pore Black (OPB)
D'Addario (.010-.059)
Complete set
Guitar, anchor and bridge keys, branded bag
12 months (for mechanical and electronic components)
  • 68,581 грн.

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