Digital Piano CASIO AP-470WE

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Digital Piano CASIO AP-470WE

The CASIO AP-470WE Digital Piano is a white flagship instrument with a rich, rich tone and a highly responsive 3-touch keyboard. Thanks to the AiR sound generator, the use of special sound generation technologies and a 40-watt speaker system, the model will sound great in any room.

Authentic Voices
The CASIO AP-470WE digital piano uses a new generation of AiR processors. It was thanks to this that the idea was realized that the instrument should change its sound characteristics depending on various factors: the pianist's playing style, the use of pedals, effects, etc. Combined with 256-voice polyphony, this makes the sound more natural and reminiscent of an acoustic grand piano.

3-touch keyboard
The AP-470 uses a 14-bit, 3-touch Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II. Its main advantage is the ability to differentiate more than 16 thousand shades in the speed of pressing a key. Not a single detail will be left without attention.

Smooth pedaling
The operation of the pedal mechanism has also undergone changes. Now instead of a standard switch, the sustain pedal uses a potentiometer. This allows the processor to know the exact position of the pedal (and hence the position of the virtual dampers) and change the sound characteristics accordingly.

Acoustic system and enclosure
A 40-watt built-in speaker system will easily fill even a small assembly hall with sound, not to mention a room in an apartment. The material of the body itself has changed, which is now involved in sound generation. What is worth only an acoustic cover, which works on the same principle as the piano cover.

Hall Simulator
The Hall Simulator function simulates the acoustic characteristics of famous concert halls from reverb levels to equalizer settings. You just have to choose which stage to perform today.

- AiR sound tone generator
- two new unique concert grand piano sounds
- 2nd generation three-touch keyboard
- compatible with the Music Space mobile app
- acoustic cover

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