Digital Piano CASIO AP-470BK

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Digital Piano CASIO AP-470BK

If you're looking for a digital piano with excellent sound quality, a reliable and responsive keyboard and deep acoustics, the CASIO AP-470 is the first instrument to look into.

New emotions - new sound
At the heart of the sound of all AP-470 sounds is the AiR sound generator. Its key feature is real-time sound modeling depending on many factors:

What position is the pedal in?
- open or closed piano lid
- whether or not DSP effects are selected
And most importantly - the manners of the performer.

In fact, AiR technology solves the main problem of all digital pianos: now it is the player who determines the character of the instrument's sound!

Keyboard as a work of art
A standard quality digital piano keyboard is 7-bit. This allows up to 127 differences in keystroke strength to be differentiated. But if we are talking about tools based on AiR technologies with its real-time simulation, this is clearly not enough. That's why the CASIO AP-470 Digital Piano features 14-bit mechanics that "catch" over 16,000 differences in velocity.

Well, a small but important addition is a new key surface that imitates the texture of ivory - Ivory Touch.

Smooth pedaling
Another mechanism with which the pianist always interacts is the pedals. In CASIO AP-470, instead of a conventional switch, a potentiometer is installed that determines the position of the pedal. And then the task of the AiR processor is to respond to this situation. Everything is like in an acoustic instrument.

Chassis and speaker system are one
We are used to the fact that in digital pianos the body has a decorative role. But not in AP-470!!! Both the body and the stand are made of a special multi-layered material that significantly enriches the sound of the piano.

Separately, it should be noted the presence of an acoustic cover. Changing the position of the lid changes the resonance in much the same way as the lid on an acoustic grand piano.

Perform on stage without leaving home
CASIO engineers carefully measured the acoustic parameters of four famous concert venues in the world and provided access to them. Just choose a hall and play. It's like having your AP-470 on stage at the Melbourne Opera or the Berlin Philharmonic.

- AiR sound tone generator
- two new unique concert grand piano sounds
- 2nd generation three-touch keyboard
- compatible with the Music Space mobile app
- acoustic cover

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