Combo amplifier for electric guitar Blackstar HT-5C (tube)

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  • Combo amplifier for electric guitar Blackstar HT-5C (tube)

Combo amplifier for electric guitar Blackstar HT-5C (tube)

In 2011, the Blackstar company began production of new HT-5 guitar combo amplifiers. These babies embodied a number of innovations of the company, including a revolutionary new sound. The Blackstar HT-5C feature push-pull circuitry, Celestion speakers, stereo MP3/line input, and stereo reverb.

A best-selling combo that changed the perception of the structure and sound of low-wattage combos and made the Blackstar brand synonymous with quality sound. Thanks to the unique 5-watt two-stroke circuit, the Blackstar HT-5C has a unique and rich sound with "correct" overtones even at very low volume. In this amplifier, you will find the revolutionary ISF function, which equips Blackstar professional equipment, the legendary ten-inch Celestion speaker and many other useful options. The sound of the Blackstar HT-5C will outshine many much more expensive amplifiers!

-Power - 5-watt tube sound
-Lamps - 1xECC83, 1x12BH7
-Unique two-stroke circuit of the power amplifier
-Based on the award-winning HT Dual preamp
-Two channels that can be controlled using a footswitch
-Speaker 12" Celestion Blackbird 50
-ISF - (company know-how)
-Emulated output for headphones - 1x12/4x12
-Effects loop - with level switch
-Footswitch - included

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