Bandura Concert Chernihiv type (paint: cherry+)

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Bandura Concert Chernihiv type (paint: cherry+)

Ukrainian banduras have long captivated the hearts of musicians around the world.

A new model of the Acropolis concert bandura made of solid Carpathian wood gives a deep and dynamic sound with an attractive design.

The peculiarity of this tool is the neck, solid with the body. This design contributes to a better transfer of the resonance of the string to the body of the instrument, which provides a larger bandura sound with good sustain.
To eliminate possible string cutting into the top pan, the bar comes with steel wire for strength and durability.

Modern technologies, high-precision equipment and masters with many years of experience allow you to receive instruments in a shorter time without compromising on quality and sound. And in a team with talented artists and designers, if desired, you can realize any plan of the musician.

-Type: full-size bandura (Chernihiv);
-Sound range: chromatic (without switches);
-Case material: Carpathian maple;
-Coating: glossy polyurethane varnish;
-Top (top): Carpathian spruce;
-Headstock, shamstok: beech, Carpathian maple;
-Bar: maple, with the addition of steel wire on the top deck;
-Case color: cherry, gloss;
-Top deck: clear lacquer gloss, expressing the structure of the wood;
-Finish: Artistic or rosette patterned. It is possible to take into account the wishes of the buyer;
-Total number of strings: 56;
-Number of strings: 43 (C# small octave, V third octave);
-The number of bass strings: 13 (C to a large octave, C to a small octave);
-Bass stringer: Chromatic double row, 28 mm;
-Stringer: chromatic two-row, 25 mm;
-Length: 110cm;
-Width: 50.3cm;
-Country of manufacture: Ukraine.

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