Acoustic guitar YAMAHA F310 (Natural)

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Acoustic guitar YAMAHA F310 (Natural)

The perfect guitar for a musician

Traditionally high quality combined with affordability are the main ingredients for the success of the F-series acoustic guitars. Also, like other Yamaha instruments, these guitars go through many tests and checks during the manufacturing process in order to give the musician a truly high-quality, reliable and sonorous instrument. who will become a faithful partner for many years. These guitars are distinguished by the same passion and love for music as their more expensive counterparts, and perhaps that is why they have been one of the most popular instruments for beginner guitarists all over the world for years!

The Yamaha F310 is excellent quality at an affordable price

The lively and rich sound of the F310 acoustic guitar with a characteristic bright and sweet resonance (the same as in the incredibly successful Yamaha FG series) will not leave indifferent even the most demanding guitarist. Beginner musicians and beautiful guitarists will definitely appreciate the comfort while playing, which is provided by the slightly reduced length of the scale and the depth of the body.

The upper deck is made of spruce

Due to its excellent combination of flexibility and strength, spruce has been one of the most popular materials for making the top of acoustic guitars for many decades. Excellent timbral characteristics make this wood an ideal choice for many musical genres and playing styles.

The bottom deck and the base are made of meranti

Meranti, which is sometimes called "Indonesian mahogany", is well-deservedly popular for making acoustic and electro musical instrument cases. This breed is timbrally very close to mahogany, but at the same time it does not belong to the endangered species and is a little more affordable, thanks to which it was possible to reduce the cost of the instrument without harming the nature and sound. Tonally, meranti is a little louder and "brighter" than mahogany, slightly inferior to it in the bass range.

While the rich sound of solid wood remains unsurpassed, laminated wood construction can also provide the excellent sound of a beautiful, reliable and affordable instrument. One of the advantages of using such a design is incredible resistance even to sudden changes in humidity.

Guitar designTraditional Western (Dreadnought)
Upper deckSpruce
Lower deckMeranti
EdgingBlack on the deck
FingerboardNato with rosewood overlay
The radius of the fretboard400 mm
InlayDots are fret markers
Body depth96 - 116 mm
Upper thresholdPolyurethane, width: 43 mm
Lower thresholdPolyurethane
Beaker634mm (25")
MechanicsChrome, pegs open type TM-14P
Guarantee12 months (for mechanical components of the tool) + 12 months of free service
Complete setGuitar, anchor key
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