Vargan Original Schwarz 73мм №10 (red)

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Vargan Original Schwarz 73мм №10 (red)

Jew's harp Original Schwarz is an overtone reed plucked instrument. The tool is based on a small metal horseshoe (arc), to which a steel tongue is attached in the middle, sometimes two. The tab at the end is twisted for safe shots. The arc of the tool is pressed against the teeth, sometimes against the lips. The oral cavity serves as a resonator. The musician hits the reed with his finger, and with the articulation of the mouth, breathing and the position of the diaphragm, he changes the pitch and duration of the sound.

Original Schwarz is one of the most famous and largest family companies, which started producing Vargans in 1697 and has been in permanent family ownership for 13 generations. The workshops are located in Moln, Upper Austria.

With the advent of progress, the production of organs reached a new production level. But despite this, 60% of the process is still done exclusively by hand, using old production technologies.

Today, the Schwartz family, as the oldest company, produces first-class organs, bells, ocarinas, flexatones and exports its products to more than 40 different countries around the world.

-Type - Vargan,
-Case material - metal,
-Length - 73 mm.,
-Width - 47 mm.,
-Size according to classification - No. 10,
-The color - is red,
-Country of manufacture - Austria.

  • 500 грн.

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